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We provide early stage venture capital and support to Canadian founders building disruptive FinTech companies. In addition, we operate Canada’s leading FinTech Startup Studio, where we share our 20+ years of operational and investing experience so you can leverage our knowledge, experience, network, resources and services.

The way Canadians want to spend, save, borrow, insure, invest, finance, fund and crowdsource is changing, while our financial services industry has lagged severely behind. We deserve financial services that are transparent, progressive and fair. Canadians deserve better.

Our History

Democratizing the internet.

Being amongst the first cohort of Canadian Internet startups, we were there to introduce Canadians to this new thing called the “World Wide Web.” We did this by providing Canadians access to the internet via one of Canada’s largest independent ISPs, which was successfully bootstrapped and then acquired.

Odyssey Internet for those older folks who were there at the dawn of the Internet…

Democratizing the stock market.

We next spearheaded a major disruption in the FinTech space with the democratization of how Canadians accessed and traded the markets online. Pioneering real-time data, direct access to the markets and cutting online trade costs from $30+ to $9.95, we provided an even playing field for all. Doing so, we used innovation in order to overcome size and were subsequently acquired by ScotiaBank.

TradeFreedom for those early active investors in Canada who believed in the upstart…

Supporting the Next Generation

Transitioning from successful builders to an investment firm on the forefront of change, our current mission is to support the next generation of Canadian entrepreneurs building great companies that improve the financial lives of all Canadians. We are solving big problems but cannot do it alone…care to join us?

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